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Preserving the Past


Beginning in 2015, Gay Spirit Radio show producer Keith Brown (pictured above) began digital preservation of the CDs and cassettes that comprise almost 40 years of LGBT programming for residents of the Greater  Hartford area. Gay Spirit Radio features Keith's interviews with local, regional and national artists, authors, musicians, and social justice leaders. The archive contains a history of HIV/AIDS interviews with prolific people such as Michael Conlan, music featuring the Hartford Gay Men's Chorus, CT Gay Men's Chorus, a host of gay and lesbian performers throughout Connecticut and Springfield Massachusetts, and  numerous  interviews with LGBT organizations, youth and leaders throughout the region.

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Our project works extensively with college and university student groups. We've hosted the University of Hartford LGBTQ+ group, Spectrum and Capital Community College LGBTQ+ group, Pride. Students have been instrumental in promoting the preservation effort on campus, participating in intergenerational and educational events that the project has offered in collaboration with local and regional LGBTQ+ community organizations. Students have also transcribed the show transcripts.

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Artifacts Preserved a division of Ira Revels Consulting, LLC (IRC LLC dba  Artifacts Preserved) has assisted Keith Brown in preserving over  16 years of audio recordings and radio show transcripts. Artifacts Preserved digitizes the audio recordings for preservation and access and preserves the radio show transcripts for future student and educator use. Contact us about accessing recordings, or to learn more about this American Story.

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Kamora Herrington talks with me live in our air studio about Queer Academy 2016 and the upcoming “Draguation” ceremonies that conclude the summer educational program for LGBT youth. As Dir. of Youth Programming she was responsible for putting Queer Academy together.

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